Writing Option for Undergraduate English Concentrators

***Please note that the Creative Writing Major will launch in Autumn 2017. After Spring 2018, the Creative BA in English will no longer be offered. Students interested in a creative writing thesis should plan to take the Creative Writing Major.***

The Creative BA Project

Prerequisites:  Students majoring in English who wish to produce a creative writing BA project must have taken at least two creative writing courses in the genre of their BA project (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction) by the end of their third year. At least one must be an Advanced course, in which the student has earned a B+ or higher.

To do a creative writing BA project, students must fill out a declaration form available at the English undergraduate office by the spring of their third year.  On this form they declare their intent to write a creative writing BA project in a specific genre and list the two creative writing courses in the relevant genre that they have taken as prerequisites for doing the BA project.

Students work on their project over three quarters. Early in Autumn Quarter of their fourth year, students will be assigned a graduate student preceptor. In Autumn, students will attend a series of colloquia led by their graduate preceptor.  In Winter, students will continue meeting with their graduate preceptor.  In addition, students must enroll in one of the creative BA project workshops in their genre. Students are not automatically enrolled in a workshop; they must receive the consent of the workshop instructor, who will also serve as their faculty adviser for their creative BA project. These workshops are advanced courses limited to eight students and will include not only students majoring in English but also those in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (ISHU) and the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) who are producing creative theses.  Students will work closely with their faculty adviser and with their peers in the workshops and will receive course credit as well as a final grade for the workshop.  Students should be aware that because of the high number of students wishing to write fiction for their BA projects, students will not necessarily get their first-choice of workshop instructor and faculty adviser.

In consultation with their faculty adviser and graduate preceptor, students revise and resubmit a near final draft of their creative BA projects by the beginning of the third week of Spring Quarter. Students submit the final version of their creative BA project to their preceptor, faculty adviser, and the Undergraduate Program Assistant by the beginning of the fifth week of Spring Quarter.  The project will then be evaluated by the faculty adviser, graduate preceptor, and Director of Undergraduate Studies to determine whether the student will be recommended