2020-2021 Literary Genre Courses (LG)

All courses listed here are approved to count towards the Creative Writing major as literature genre courses. Course codes indicate approval specific distribution requirements. Students may register for eligible courses under any course number. 

For the course to count towards your literary genre requirement, you must take a course in the genre of your concentration.

These courses are offered by departments, not the Program in Creative Writing. If you have questions about course content, structure, and schedule, please contact the department offering the course. The course descriptions below are to the best of our knowledge the most recent available. Please note that we have included only those courses with an undergraduate course number or that otherwise marked as open to undergraduates.

Courses taken prior to 2018-19 or otherwise not on this list must be approved by the DUS. Contact Vu Tran (jiromuanya@uchicago.edu) and Jessi Haley (jmhaley@uchicago.edu) about approval.