Minor Portfolio

Minor Portfolio Overview

During their fourth year, CRWR minors will compile a writing portfolio in their chosen genre: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. The portfolio is not a BA thesis but represents a body of work that students have either worked on in a past workshop or developed in their graduating year. Students in the minor will craft their writing portfolios in a Thesis/Major Projects Workshop under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Thesis/Major Projects Workshops are only offered during Winter Quarter and provide the opportunity for students in the minor to work alongside majors and MAPH students. CRWR minors must enroll in one of the following courses to fulfill the Thesis/Major Projects Workshop degree requirement for the minor: CRWR 29200 Thesis/Major Projects Fiction Workshop, CRWR 29300 Thesis/Major Projects Poetry Workshop, CRWR 29400 Thesis/Major Projects Nonfiction Workshop, CRWR 29500 Thesis/Major Projects in Fiction/Nonfiction Workshop.

Below are the Program's current formatting guidelines for the portfolio. Students should submit their portfolios to their faculty advisors, Denise Dooley, the Student Affairs Administrator, and Professor Gus Rose, Faculty Minor Liaison, by the end of their Winter Thesis Workshop. The current academic year deadline is March 18, 2022.

  • Portfolios should be typed, double-spaced (except for poetry), and contain page numbers   
  • Include a title that indicates that this is a minor portfolio   
  • Include your name on the document   
  • If you are including more than one piece, please include a brief table of contents   
  • Content: For fiction: 1-2 short stories or an excerpt from a longer work; for nonfiction: 1-2 essays or an excerpt from a longer work; for poetry: 10-15 poems depending on length   
  • Page limits: refer to the guidelines discussed in your Thesis/Major Projects Workshop for page limits, but please do not exceed 20-25 pages if you are writing prose
  • You are invited to include a brief statement explaining how you put together your portfolio (e.g. “X is an essay that I began in my Fundamentals of Nonfiction class in my second year, but have refined in this way…”)
  • For all minor portfolios, editing and polishing are essential; please make sure that you have proofread your work and that the pieces you turn in are the result of thorough revisions
  • The final draft of the portfolio should be submitted as a pdf
  • A cover page is required for your portfolio; formatting requirements can be found at the link below