Poem Present: Reading with Julie Ezelle Patton

November 13, 2019 6:00PM
Logan Center for the Arts, Room 801
Julie Patton

Julie Ezelle Patton is a sculptor of sound, image, text. Her work consists of music; print, hand writing, and design; altered books and maps; ephemeral libraries and arkitexts; drawing and performance. Her works are discrete crafted objects and also the points of departure bridging musical and literary worlds in collaborative “in-the- moment” compositions with instrumentalists Nasheet Waits, Ravi Coltrane, Drew Gardner, Janice Lowe, Clark Coolidge; filmmakers Euphrosyne Bloom and Henry Hills; choreographers Daria Fain, Sally Silvers; and activist performing artists Abou Farman, Vinie Burroughs, and Reverend Billy. Patton, a recipient of a Doan Brook Association Watershed Hero Award, Philip Whalen Memorial Grant, Acker Award, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award, is the author of Notes For Some (Nominally) Awake. Her book-length serial poem “B” is forthcoming from Tender Button Press. She has performed at the Stone, Jazz Standard, DIA, Torn- Page Salon, MaelstrÖm fiEstival, (Brussels, Belgium), Festival Internacional de Poesía (Medellín, Colombia), Cambridge University’s Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio among numerous other venues. Her noted Womb Room Tomb installation honoring her mother, the artists Virgie Ezelle Patton (1928-2015) was featured in The Front International Triennial 2018. She is the founding director of the Rust Belt, Ohio based Let It Be Ark Hives land conservation project and the Salon des Refusee & Refugee artist sanctuary project and living sculpture. She performs with improvising guitarist Paul Van Curen as part of the duo Cloud Flower.